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AseanThermoGraphy: What is Thermography?

What is Thermography

Breast Thermography is applicable to all women, especially the group between 40 and 50, and for those who have dense, fibrocystic breasts or implants. It is a completely safe, non-invasive screening method that has been proven to be effective. An abnormal infrared image is the single-most important marker of high risk for developing breast cancer.

AseanThermoGraphy: Breast Examination


  • Breast Infrared Thermography is 100% Safe
  • Absolutely No Radiation and No Compression
  • Thermography is a Measurement of Function
  • An Early Warning System
  • Helps to Monitor Breast Health
  • Perfect for All Breast Shapes and Sizes
  • Ideal for Long Term Tracking
  • Provides Reliable Risk Assessment
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    Safe and Proven

  • Over thirty years of clinical use and more than 800 peer-reviewed studies in the medical literature have established thermography as a safe and effective means to examine the human body.

  • When used as an adjunctive procedure (clinical examination + mammography + breast thermography) 95% of early stage cancers are detected